Updates And HotFixes


All updates are designed for the x86 versions of their respective product unless otherwise noted. For the x64 version of the update(s) if not listed, please contact TeraCorp support. This section is NOT for upgrading your product to a newer version! For upgrade information, please contact your sales representative.
Special Note: Make sure your program is closed before running any of these updates!



For example: If you are running TeraCash v2.1.4, DO NOT INSTALL ANY of these updates that show version 3.0.0


Update Name Description  Version Date  Product Download
TeraCash v3.7.3 Patch Fixes the HomeLength error when trying to save a customer in the customer screen or the customer wizard screen. 3.7.3 3/4/2013 TeraCash Download
TeraCash v3.7.2 Patch Fixes the payment module when making payments after TeraCash has already expired, added flat fee rounding support, fixed saving customer error, fixed ID Verify error. 3.7.0 12/10/2012 TeraCash Download
TeraCash Check21 Module Installs the Check21/CheckAlt Module. 3.6.x 7/16/2012 TeraCash Download
TeraCash Backup Importer Fixes minor bugs with the backup importer. All Versions 7/16/2012 TeraCash Download
TeraCash Archive Application Allows you to archive old data into a new database. 3.6.x and up 6/15/2012 TeraCash Download
TeraCash Purchase Receipt Allows you to print a receipt when you make a purchase from within TeraCash. 3.6.1 and up 6/14/2012 TeraCash Download
TeraCash Database Selector Utility which allows you to change/modify your database settings without launching TeraCash. 2.1.4.x and up 3/20/2011 TeraCash Download
v3.1 Report Pack Version 3.1 report pack to include other charges in item details for TeraCash v3.0 users. 3.0.0 10/20/2010 TeraCash Download
BumpCode Installer Utility to re-import your TeraCash bump codes in the event that a module becomes unregistered. 2.1.4.x to 3.0.0 10/16/2010 TeraCash Download
TCAPI Software Update to remove "Customer does not exist!" error. 3.0.0 8/28/2010 TeraCash Download
TCBackup Update to fix backup error "DirectoryNotFoundException". 3.0.0 8/28/2010 TeraCash Download
ID Verify CheckGuard Integration Module for IDVerify. 3.0.0 8/25/2010 TeraCash Download
Database Repair Database repair tool for fixing detached records which produce "Check does not exist!" error. 2.0.0 to 2.1.4.x 1/19/2010 TeraCash Download
TCCompression Hotfix for the TeraCorp compression method. This will fix the bug with the TeraCash backup deleting itself. 2.0.0 7/9/2009 TeraCash Download
TCUpdate Hotfix for the TeraCorp update service. This fix will allow the auto-update in TeraCash to work correctly when downloading newer software versions. 1.5.8 and 1.6.x 7/2/2009 TeraCash Download


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