How It Works

Each time you scan your checks into TeraCash, you will be given an option on that same screen to verify the check.

CheckGuard will automatically verify the check and customer information against the National check network and ATM verify network and report back if the check has any negative reports on it such as NSF, Fraud, Closed Account, Invalid Account, etc. This service will also check our headquarters database for any known issues with the check and customer as well.


CheckGuard verifies the check’s routing number and account number, along with the customer’s information. The information is then checked against a positive and negative database to ensure the check writer does not have unresolved returned checks.
Negative Database: Verifies the bank account number is not in a fraudulent or bad account database
Positive Database: Verifies the customer and bank account through a successful check transaction database
Consumer Database: Verifies the customer is not on a “who’s who” list of bad check writers

There is a monthly maintenance fee of $40.00 with an additional charge of $.35 cents each time you choose to verify a check agains the national databases. The first monthly fee also covers your sign-up cost.

There is also a retainer amount required upon first sign-up. This retainer is a refunable balance you keep in your account for each verification you do. Each time you nationally verify a check (current rate is $0.35 cents), this amount is deducted from your retainer. As long as you maintain a positive balance in this retainer, you can continue using the service. If your retainer reaches less than the amount required to verify a single check however, you will receive an error message. 

A credit card on file is required and will be bill automatically every month at the anniversary of your subscription until you choose to cancel. The retainer can also be set to automatically replenish once the balance reaches below a certain amount defined by you. (usually $5.00) and can be replenished with the amount you choose. (usually $20.00.

To start the service, your card will be charged an initial $60.00

$40.00 sign-up fee and first month (non-refundable)
$20.00 initial retention deposit (remaining balance is refundable upon cancellation)

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