Easy Navigation for Rapid Transaction Creation
Once a customer has been entered into your system, subsequent transactions can take as little as 5 seconds to process! Using our MagTek check reader or scanner, all you have to enter is the check amount and the check number! You can optionally choose to print a receipt or just begin the next transaction! It's that quick!
Multi-Lingual (English, Spanish)
Currently, there are two languages supported. The English (US) version and the Spanish (Mexico) version. This allows you to operate the TeraCash™ Check Cashing System in the language you feel most comfortable in!
Customer Tracking
Customer information entered into the system, stays in the system. This allows for faster transactions for returning customers as well as the ability to build custom reports to track such things as customer details and frequency of visits, monthly transactions, total transaction amounts, etc.
History Logging
Each transaction created is automatically stored into history for future investigation. This eliminates the need to keep all transaction records stored away in file cabinets or boxes. All data is stored digitally and can be easily reprinted or manipulated whenever you need to! Want to scan and keep ALL of your documents into digital formats for easier retrieval and to uncluttered your office by eliminating paper tracking nightmares? Ask us about TeraDOX™! Digitize important documents, receipts, bills, reports, IRS forms, loan application, pictures, and much much more!
Search by Customer/Bank/Company
Our exhaustive searching capabilities allows you to search for any information  you enter into the system. Customer information, bank information, company information or transaction information all on one simple-to-use search screen!
Automated Backup
TeraCash™ automatically backs up your data every time you exit the system. This allows for an added layer of redundancy in the event that something happens to your database due to circumstances beyond your control! Once the backup completes, simply use your favorite off-site backup solution to move the data to a safe location such as a fire-proof safe or safety deposit box!
MICR Check scanning and MAG stripe reading
With an optional check reader or scanner, TeraCash™ provides the ability to automatically read the magnetic stripe on the bottom of the check and populate the transaction screen with all the customer information. Not only does this make transaction time faster, but it also ensures that the check is not a photocopy of the original. If the check cannot be read with the MICR reader, then it likely does not contain magnetic ink and should be carefully inspected prior to acceptance. Additionally, you can use a MICR check scanner to both verify the magnetic ink of the check as well as scan the front and/or back of a check to keep a copy on file for your records.

With optional MAG stripe reader you may populate new customers information by swiping their drivers licence or their ID card to populate new customers information all you need to do then is verify information is correct. The MAG stripe reader also places amounts on Prepaid Mastercards when a customer reloads their card.
Per-user security with individual user drawer support
TeraCash™ supports multiple users - each with individual rights. Rather than supporting only two broad categories of users (usually general users or administrators), TeraCash™ utilizes task-specific rights and privileges assignable to each individual user. For example, a general user may be allowed to create transaction, but not view client history, override pre-defined fees or print accounting reports. On the other hand, your accountant may be able to print reports but not create transactions. This level of security is available for virtually all tasks within the TeraCash™ Check Cashing System. Additionally, each user can be assigned his or her own virtual drawer to keep track of start and finish amounts. If user-security allows, at the end of a user's shift, they can print their drawer receipt to balance all of their transactions. Otherwise, you can print a drawer report for all users at the end of the day.
Custom fees for multiple transaction types
For those who accept multiple type of checks, TeraCash™ offers the flexibility to assign different fee structures for the various types. For example, you may wish to assign regular payroll checks one set of fees because their higher risk, but assign a lower fee structure for tax refund checks since those checks are backed by the US government. This feature also allows you to offer certain customers (such as recurring customers or a membership incentive) discounted fee rates using the same principal. For example, if you want to offer all customers a yearly membership, you could create a new fee type called "Members" and set up a discounted fee schedule for them and still maintain the regular fee schedule for all members who choose not to enroll.
Advanced algorithm to determine fraudulent check probability
TeraCash™ employs a highly sophisticated mathematical algorithm for determining the validity of each check processed. Using an algorithm which takes into account good and bad checks, number of checks accepted, length of time of each check and a number of other variables, a probability number is generated (between 0 and 100) as to whether or not this check should be accepted. This number serves as a reference to help you better determine what risks you would like to take when accepting checks.
External Image Scanning
TeraCash™ offers you the ability to scan an external document to aid you with the verification process. Some examples of a document you may wish to scan are identification card, drivers license, alien registration card, social security card, or any other document that may help you or your employees verify the identity of your customer. If an external document has been scanned for a particular customer, when that customer record is pulled up in the transaction screen, the scanned image will automatically appear at the top right of the screen for quick and easy viewing.
Corporate Check Cashing
For check cashers who cash check on a companies behalf. For example, if an officer of ABC Corporation wants to cash a check which has been made out to ABC Corporation, TeraCash™ supports switching the customer mode from Individual to Corporate. Therefore, your customer will be ABC Corporation and the "Company" will change to the officer of ABC Corporation who is cashing the check on behalf of ABC Corporation.
Automatic AND manual bad check entry
Checks that are returned for any number of reasons (such as NSF, closed account) can be automatically entered into the TeraCash™ system by either entering the check information into the bad check screen or scanning the check while in the bad check screen** Once entered into the system, it will be assigned and appended to the calculation formula used to determine the risk-based calculated number as described in the fraudulent check probability section of this site. Additionally, TeraCash™ provides a way to manually enter in all of your existing bad checks to also be calculated into the system. This includes any checks past or present that you have prior to implementing the TeraCash™ Check Cashing System.
3" Receipt Printing / 8.5 x 11 Reporting
With an optional receipt printer, TeraCash™ supports the ability to print transaction receipts for your customers. These receipts can be printed on 8.5"x11" paper, but will only print to the width of 3 inches. All other reports included are designed to be printed on 8.5"x11" paper natively. Custom reports are available upon request and can be fitted to match any reasonable size your printer will support.
CheckGuard Service ready (optional)
For added protection against accepting bad checks, read about our CheckGuard service. For more information check out our CheckGuard ACH / NCN.
Network Capable (optional)
Because TeraCash™ is built using state-of-the-art technologies and world-class data engines, we can offer a highly scalable network solution for even the largest clients. TeraCash™ supports any type of network configuration; peer-to-peer, local area (LAN) or even wide area (WAN) networks can be easily configured and utilized with minimal setup or knowledge of databases. If you are looking for an advanced network solution for your check cashing business, contact us directly for more information and to determine which method will work best for you!
Picture Recognition Module (optional)
To assist you in validating that clients presenting checks are really who they say they are, TeraCash™ offers picture recognition. Using your USB or digital camera, you can take a snapshot of each new customer during the registration period and store that in their permanent file. Each time that customer presents a check to you, their picture will pop up on your screen for face recognition. For an added layer of recognition, read about our newly added Biometric Fingerprint Recognition!
Biometric Fingerprint Recognition
TeraCash™ now supports the M2-S fingerprint scanner. A biometric fingerprint reader used for verifying the identity of your clients. This eliminates the possibility of individuals cashing checks which do not belong to them by associating a fingerprint signature with each account. TeraCash™ stores a fingerprint signature which aids in identifying an individual who wishes to cash a check at your establishment. For more information about Biometrics, or our partner, M2SYS, as well as learning about other software available using Biometric technology, visit http://www.m2sys.com. TeraCorp currently has plans to begin incorporating this technology into more of our product lines as well as developing new business friendly applications designed specifically for this technology. Biometrics technology is already on it's way to becoming the technology standard for verification and authentication and as always, we want to be first in line to offer this latest technology to our clients at the lowest prices and to it's fullest!
Check 21 Integration
Check 21 allows businesses or institutions receiving a significant number of checks to instantly convert those checks to Check 21 compliant bank exchangeable images. This process reduces banking costs, eliminates the need for lock box programs, accelerates cash flow and provides an online archive of all images.

Prior to Check 21, only consumer to business checks could be remotely scanned and settled electronically.

Federal Check 21 legislation enabled the deposit and clearing of all types of paper checks -- including business to business checks -- through electronic image transfer. Payroll, corporate, commercial, treasury, travelers and consumer checks can now be digitally imaged, deposited and settled electronically without making any trips to the bank.
For faster check processing time and added protection from accepting bad checks, read about our Check21 service. For more information Check 21/RDC
CTR Report 
The CTR (Currency Transaction) report is designed to be printed and mailed to the US Treasury for any customer who meets or exceeds a total transaction amount of $10,000 within 24 hours time. This report is required whether they cashed one check meeting that criteria, or multiple checks. You do not have to keep track of this using the TeraCash system. At the end of your day, simply run this report, select the date you wish to run it for and if any customers on that day match that criteria, TeraCash will automatically print the report(s) for those customers. If no customer meet that criteria, a message will be displayed alerting you and no report(s) will be printed.
SAR Report
The SAR (Suspicious Activity) report is designed to be printed for any customer who you reasonably suspect may be involved in illegal activity. This may include the following: (as stated on the form itself)

1. Alters transaction to avoid completion of funds transfer record or money transfer orders or traveler's check record. ($3,000 or more)
2. Alters transaction to avoid filing a CTR report. ($3,000 or more)
3. Comes in frequently and purchases less than $3,000.
4. Changes spelling or arrangement of name.
5. Individual(s) using multiple or false identification documents.
6. Two or more individuals using the same or similar identification.
7. Two or more individuals working together.
8. Same individual(s) using multiple locations over a short period of time.
9. Offers a bribe in the form of a tip or gratuity.

This report is usually specific to wire transfer and money order companies but can also be applied to check cashing companies as well.
IRS Report
In some cases, the IRS may request a listing of all customers who have cashed over $10,000 worth of checks in a given year. This is generally done by request, but may differ in other states. Check with your local IRS agent to see if and/or when this report may be necessary.
Integrated Help File
TeraCash™ now offers a fully integrated help file. From any screen you want help from, you can press the F1 key on your keyboard and the associated help file will appear giving you further instructions about that screen.
ABA Bank Data
TeraCash™ now includes bank data from the American Banking Association. This includes available names, address and phone numbers. This data is separate from TeraCash™ but includes an Import feature to add all of the banks into your database. This data is updated annually.
Quicken and QuickBooks Integration
Export your transaction data to a QuickBooks© IIF file or Quicken© QIF file for seamless import into your favorite accounting software.
Image Storage of Returned Checks
Stores returned check images as you flag them as bad for re-print or proof to provide law enforcement additional details for fraudulent check writers.
Multiple Company Check Prevention
Prevents you from cashing too many checks from the same company within the specified time frame. Good for preventing a group collaboration effort to cash fraudulent checks.
Native Biometrics Integration
Native biometrics integrates seamlessly into TeraCash without having to install additional client and/or server software to make fingerprint recognition faster and more reliable -- especially in a networked environment.
FingerPrint Login to TeraCash
Allows users of TeraCash to login to the system via their fingerprint versus typing in a username and password.
On-Screen Tips of The Day
Integrated "Tip-Of-The-Day" for quick tips and tricks on using your system while you are working with TeraCash.
Multi-Purpose Deposit Slip Printing
Print your deposit slips on 3" paper or 8.5" x 11" paper with the added ability to selectively choose which transactions you wish to print on the deposit slip.
Charts and Graphs to Measure Business Performance
Feature rich charts and graphs show how well your business and / or tellers are doing through a specified time frame. Such reports as Year-To-Date reports, Top 10 Customers, Top Tellers, and more!
** Requires a MICR check reader or scanner.
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